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Consultation and Engagement

Below are details about some of our engagement and consultation activities currently taking place:  

Gluten-free foods and over the counter medicines

LCCG has to evaluate every service it commissions to ensure it continues to offer good quality, good outcomes and the best value for money and we now have some difficult decisions to make about prioritising funding for 2017/8 and beyond.
The provision of two key services on prescription has been identified nationally and locally as areas where changes could be made.
Therefore, we are holding a local 90 day consultation to gather views on the provision of:
  •  Gluten-free foods 
  •  And over-the-counter medicines, on prescription
It is important to point out that no decisions have been made on the proposals and we would like to encourage everyone to take the survey and help to inform the decision making process.  

Click here to feedback on the proposals and take part in the survey   

We are also mindful of the national consultation that took place earlier this year by Department of Health on the availability of gluten-free foods on NHS prescription. We will be incorporating the recommendations of the national consultation into our own decision making process, as well as considering our own findings locally. 

For a paper copy of this questionnaire please call 01582 532 074.

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