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The Board

The board makes sure that decisions, recommendations and plans are carried out appropriately and effectively and are efficiently managed.  All CCGs must have in place an agreement that is not only signed by, but developed with, all of the member practices.

Meetings will be held in public to ensure open and transparent discussion and information sharing, but also in private when confidential matters arise.  The board has 15 members including nine local doctors and nurses led by appointed Chair, Dr Nina Pearson.  The board meets monthly and is responsible for ensuring that Luton CCG's strategy is being delivered. 

The board structure:

Chair: Dr Nina Pearson

Clinical Director: Dr Chirag Bakhai

Clinical Director: Dr Hetal Talati 

Clinical Director: Dr Anthea Robinson

Clinical Director: Dr Uzma Sawar

Lay Member - Finance and Procurement: Dr Mahmood Aziz 

Lay Member - Audit and Governance: Mr David Kempson 

Lay Member - Patient and Public Involvement: Rev Lloyd Denny

Independent Nurse: Ms Kathleen French

Secondary Care Physician: Dr Helen Turner

Interim Accountable Officer: Ms Nicky Poulain

Chief Finance Officer: Mr Alan Davies

Director of Commissioning and Integration: Ms Nicky Poulain

Director of Quality and Clinical Governance: Mr David Foord

Non-voting Members

Corporate Director of Public Health, Commissioning and Procurement, Luton Borough council: Ms Gerry Taylor

The Register of Conflicts of Interest can be found here.

For any enquiries please contact Angela Duce, Associate Director Strategy andGovernance:

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