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Get medicine cabinets stocked up with over the counter treatments

12 September 2018

News graphicLuton Clinical Commissioning Group are advising families to stock up their medicine cabinet to treat coughs and colds and other minor illnesses at home, as the weather turns and children go back to school. 

Dr Chirag Bakhai, local GP and Clinical Director for Planned Care for LCCG, said: “As children go back to school and the summer fades, minor illnesses like colds tend to spread and classrooms can be filled with runny noses. Children spread these viruses to each other and often to the rest of the family. By keeping medicine cabinets stocked with over the counter medicines like paracetamol, you can help relieve these cold symptoms yourself at home.

“This is particularly important now, as GP practices in Luton no longer routinely prescribe medicines which are available to buy in supermarkets and pharmacies for minor illnesses which would generally resolve on their own.”


“These changes in the policy for prescribing, however, do not affect people who needto take such medicines long-term”.


NHS Luton CCG took the decision to limit these products on prescription for short-term, minor illnesses earlier this year, aiming to save around £110,000 for the NHS annually. This funding will be reinvested to treat patients with more serious conditions such as cancer or diabetes.


The change in policy in Luton also aligns with the latest national recommendations from NHS England.


Dr Bakhai continued: “If you feel unwell, your local pharmacy can offer advice from a qualified health professional who can answer questions and recommend over-the-counter medicines for everyday minor illnesses”.


Always call NHS111 if you need urgent advice or if your GP surgery is closed. For more information visit:


Notes to editors

About Luton CCG
Luton Clinical Commissioning Group is responsible for planning, organising and buying NHS-funded healthcare for the 240,000 people who live in Luton. This includes hospital, community health and mental health services.


LCCG is run by GPs, nurses, hospital doctors and other clinicians – the people you see whenever you come into contact with the NHS. 28 GP practices in Luton are members of the CCG.


List of products of over counter medicines that will no longer be available on prescription in Luton: 

Illnesses that can be treated using over the counter medicines and illnesses that don’t last long or illnesses that go away on their own:
1. Acute sore throat
2. Cold sores
3. Conjunctivitis
4. Coughs and colds and nasal congestion
5. Cradle cap
6. Haemorrhoids
7. Infant colic
8. Mild cystitis
Illnesses that people can treat themselves:
9. Contact dermatitis (allergic rash)
10. Dandruff
11. Diarrhoea in adults
12. Dry eyes / sore tired eyes
13. Earwax
14. Sweating too much
15. Head lice
16. Indigestion and heartburn
17. Infrequent migraines
18. Infrequent constipation
19. Insect bites and stings
20. Mild acne
21. Mild dry skin/sunburn
22. Mild to moderate hay fever
23. Minor burns and scalds
24. Conditions which are not serious but might cause pain or fever. For example sprains, headaches, period pain or back pain.
25. Mouth ulcers
26. Nappy rash
27. Oral thrush
28. Prevention of tooth decay
29. Ringworm or athlete’s foot
30. Teething or mild toothache
31. Threadworms
32. Travel sickness
33. Warts and verruca 
Other medicines you can get over the counter: Probiotics and Vitamins and minerals

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