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Luton health body secures £451,000 in funding to invest in diabetes care

01 August 2017

News graphicLuton Clinical Commissioning Group, as a member of the BLMK STP footprint, has secured £451,000 of funding to invest in Diabetes treatment and care.Diabetes is the fastest-growing health threat in the UK and can cause serious health complications if poorly controlled, including kidney failure, blindness and amputations. The additional funding will be used to support the care of people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in Luton and will help them avoid the long-term complications of diabetes through:


  • Improving the uptake of structured education by increasing the number of courses available in convenient locations at times that suit people with diabetes, allowing more people with diabetes to access knowledge to take control of their disease

  • Developing additional clinical capacity in General Practice teams to support people to improve control of their diabetes and other cardiovascular risk factors. Not only does this include medical management, but it will also involve delivering personalised care centred on the individual needs, motivations and circumstances of every person with uncontrolled diabetes.

  • Additional diabetes inpatient nurses to improve care for people admitted to hospital who have diabetes

  • Enhanced community podiatry capacity and time from specialist hospital clinicians to support foot care for patients with diabetes and help avoid amputations


    Dr Chirag Bakhai, Luton Clinical Commissioning Group, Clinical Lead for Diabetes said

    “Through improving access to structured education and increasing clinical capacity for diabetes care, underpinned by individualised health coaching, we can support people with diabetes to take control of their disease. Better control of their diabetes will mean fewer and less severe complications, which can otherwise be devastating for quality of life.

    “For people who do need to access specialist care, we are working to increase the number of specialists available and bringing together a range of expertise, helping ensure people receive the very best care for what can be a complex, often life-changing condition”.


Notes to editors


  • Luton Clinical CommissioningGroup is responsible for planning, organising and buying NHS-funded healthcarefor the 240,000 people who live in Luton. This includes hospital, communityhealth and mental health services.

  • LCCG’sGoverning Body features GPs, nurses and hospital doctors – the people you seewhenever you come into contact with the NHS. The 28 GP practices in Luton aremembers of the CCG.

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