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Asthma patients are urged to update their personal action plan to prevent attacks

02 May 2017

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The onset of the hayfever season can cause more suffering for people with respiratory issues and a survey from Asthma UK shows that 74% of people with asthma visit A&E or their GP if they do not have a plan to manage their condition during key times.

Dr Talib Abubacker, local GP and clinical lead for respiratory issues at Luton Clinical Commissioning Group said: “An asthma attack can be stressful and can lead to people spending time in hospital, when they don’t need to, if they manage their condition well. That’s why we’re encouraging all those with asthma to develop an action plan with their GP, to help them manage their condition better.

"The hayfever season can make asthma symptoms more acute, with people suffering with watery and swollen eyes and excessive sneezing. If left unchecked, these symptoms can escalate. That’s why it’s important to have a plan to deal with issues as they arise.”

Dr. Abubacker added: “Asthma sufferers are more prone to hay fever symptoms but may also experience wheezing which is treated with the blue inhaler. They must ensure their inhalers are working and if they find they’re using their blue inhaler more frequently, they should book an assessment with their asthma nurse.”

More than 11,000 people live with asthma in Luton.

If you live with asthma and do not have a Personal Asthma Plan, contact your GP for further information.

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